odd wednesday

odd wednesday is a series of events happening on every Wednesday with an odd numbered date (Nov. 13th, 27th, Dec. 11th, etc.) In the intimate set-up of ACUD's studio, the series present odd music not or quietly amplified.
Doors open at 18:30, concerts start at 19:00. Everything is over by 21:00 at the latest, but you can hang around, have a chat with the artists and enjoy a piece of homemade coconut cake.

Entry is 5€ and goes to support the artists.


ACUD MACHT NEU: Veteranen Straße 21, 10119 Berlin
U8 Rosenthaler Platz | Tram 12 & M1 Zionskirchplatz | Tram M8 & M10 Pappelplatz


List of events in the series


Collages and graphic design by Ada Favaron


Outbound is a series of events inviting international artists to meet with local Berlin artists. Through collaboration and communication artists will build upon their traditions and approaches to their instruments to develop new pieces and perform in parallel with preexisting material presenting the audience with an evolution of themes of the new music scene.
Artists are paired based on their fields of interest, and meet over a period of three days to exchange and collaborate, concluding in a public performance and a radio show.
Outbound aims at facilitating new collaborations to further investigate important themes of the new/experimental music scene.

In 2017, those themes are the inherent poetry of the voice, physical connections to sound, movement and sounds of ecololgy.

In 2018, those themes are The Times: "Polyrhythms and trance music", "Memories of sound and smell" and "Mechanical rhythms and repetition".


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Curated by mélodie melak
Supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

holo sounds

In summer 2016, 8 organizers and curators from Bremen, Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg met for a 2-day exchange of ideas in Hohenlockstedt. The joys and sorrows of the low-to-no-budget madness were shared, good food, good drinks and eventually good concerts gave moral support. Two years later, we meet again - to now collectively organize the series holo sounds.


holo sounds is part of the M.1 Local Program of the Arthur Boskamp Foundation in Hohenlockstedt (Schleswig-Holstein). It was originally designed as a series between music, theory, fine art and performance. Since 2018, it is an irregular series in the extended environment of experimental music, organized by Jens Fleischer (HB), Nika Breithaupt and Helena Ratka (HH), Claudia Franke and Sebastian Stein (H) Mario Michel and Mélodie Melak (B).


Supported by Musikfonds

PIA - pop im ausland 2017

In 2017 PIA continued its mission of adventurous experimental pop music: an ingenious mix of danceable music and radical practice.
On Sat. 16th, commissioned by PIA, The Dutch MC Zulu Green met 3 of the musicians who vanguard the Neue Musik scene in Berlin for a unique blend of experimental hip-hop. Followed by WJM for turntables performance.
On Sunday 17th, performances by singer-songwriters Asi Föcker and Jolly Goods. Followed by a happy set by Zelda Panda at the turntables.


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Curated in 2017 by mélodie melak

Supported since 2015 by Musicboard Berlin GmbH